Orange Box Express Services


Always want to buy in China, but don't know how? Is there a language barrier or don't know where to get the best prices? Orange Box Express have people to source for you. We help you buy all kinds of products offered at incredibly low price from China's biggest domestic online shopping website Taobao and Alibaba. Orange Box Express have passionate, qualified people who can find, purchase and deliver the items. Our offer includes sourcing, buying and international shipping from China. We can provide Taobao in English by translating for you. Orange Box Express is your Taobao Agent in Manila. For procurement service, our company charged a minimal fee of (10-20%) based on the total price of the product (product price + domestic shipping). Please inform us your requirements, we will source the best items for you within your target prices.


Know where to buy but don't know where to send? Do you have items coming from China (Taobao, Alibaba, Tmall and other Chinese suppliers) but don't have friends or relatives to receive for you? Orange Box Express can provide you a recipient name, address and contact number in China to receive on your behalf. We will consolidate your items to be packed in our Balikbayan boxes and arranged shipment for you.


If you are expecting multiple shipments from different suppliers, we can collect and store the items for you within two weeks or collect the items to fill up one large box, whichever comes first. Consolidation Services are free but we will only received the items on your behalf, for quality checking and testing, additional arrangements and charges will be made. Please inform us beforehand the items you are expecting, the quantity and the details of the supplier.


Not sure of the quality you are buying? Orange Box Express have professional staffs who can check the quality for you, we can also conduct test to check if the items you ordered are working or not. Our company charged a minimum fee for the services to be rendered, price will depend on the complexity of the product and the time to be spent on quality control.


For people, Filipinos who are working and living in China and wants to send items to their loved ones. Or those who have items which needed to be sent to the Philippines for an affordable shipping rate. Orange Box Express have Balikbayan boxes to put and protect your items from damages. It comes in different sizes for you to choose from, at the same time we can send the Balikbayan Boxes straight to your doorstep. For more information on balikbayan box prices and dimensions please click here.


China is the leading manufacturer of all items all over the world. Most of the items whether branded or not are Made in China. That's why China is a great country to source items. Since China is such a huge country and there a lot of factories, it is difficult to check the factory to produce your product one by one. Orange Box Express have professional staff in China who can do factory audit for you and give you a report on the information about the factory you are going to work with.